Thank You to our first sponsor for the 2023 Science Fair;

Jayhawk Fine Chemical!

Your generous donation will help provide prizes for science fair winners.

It's Almost Here!

The Science Fair is next Wednesday, March 29. Your child should be bringing a letter home with information tonight.

7:30-8:15 am Set Up Projects in High School Gym Lobby

8:15-9:45 Judging of Participants (Interviews)

10:00-12:00 Classes View Projects at Discretion of Classroom Teachers

12:30-2:00 Judging of Displays

2:00-3:00 Classes View Projects at Discretion of Classroom Teachers

3:00-3:15 Take Down Projects

3:15-3:30 Awards Ceremony

The participants will stay in the gym lobby with their projects after setting up. After all participants have been interviewed, they will either go back to their schools with their classes or be taken to the schools in a school vehicle. They will all be back at school in time for lunch. Participants will return to the gym lobby directly after school to take down their projects and get ready for the awards ceremony.

CUHS ChemClub is proud to announce the upcoming 6th annual Aspiring Minds Science Fair on Wednesday, March 29.

This is an opportunity to get 2nd through 8th-grade students more actively involved in science, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Students will have to fill out a pre-registration form, which they received at school and is located below as an attached file.

The Registration Form is Due Friday, March 3.

Registration Form

Science Fair Flyer

Science Fair Rules

Judging Criteria

Parent Information Letter

Display Board Should Include:

  1. ResearchQuestion

  2. Hypothesis

  3. Procedures

  4. Data

  5. Conclusion

Project Journal Should Include:

  1. Observations

  2. Rough Draft of Data

  3. Your Thoughts Along the Way