What is an IPS?
IPS stands for individual plan of study. This means that each kid has his/her own plan of coursework to meet his/her post-secondary goals. Whether a student is planning to attend a 4-year university, 2-year college, tech school, join the military, or go straight to work, CUHS is committed to helping him/her achieve his/her goals and be successful after graduation. Furthermore, the state of Kansas requires that every student have an IPS.

What is XELLO?
Xello is an online portfolio that serves as a place to house each student's IPS components as well as resources to information that they need for enrollment, post-secondary planning, and scholarships. In Xello, students are able to take a career inventory as well as a personality assessment to help him/her see what career matches exist that might be a good fit. They can also read about different colleges to see their admission requirements, average ACT score, programs offered, and even take a virtual tour. Plus, students can research different careers to find out information like average salary, schooling options, employment requirements, and career descriptions down to daily tasks. Xello even offers built-in lessons to help students prepare for life after graduation. Another added bonus is that we can create assignments within Xello to aid students in their post-secondary options exploration to make sure we meet the needs of ALL of our students. Plus, students are able to log their extracurricular activities, community service and work experience from 6th grade on so that when they complete college, scholarship, and job applications, they already have a place where everything they need is stored. Furthermore, students can upload their other IPS components like their resume to their Storyboard. Finally, Xello is a great resource that benefits our students for all of the resources it offers, and it is a place for our students to keep all of their post-secondary plans to help them achieve their goals.

How do students get to Xello?
They simply have to log into PowerSchool. Then, there is a little plug in, looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it, to select. When they click on this, it takes him/her to Xello.

How do parents get to Xello?
Parents can have their student login to Xello through PowerSchool. Then parents can have their student show them the career matches, personality style, learning style, saved careers, saved colleges, and completed assignments and lessons.

When do students complete things in Xello?
Students have 6-7 items to complete in Xello each year. Most months they have one "assignment" to complete: September, October, November, January, February, March, and April. They are given the assignment and time to complete it during Independent Reading--their seminar class.

This bulletin board is posted outside the counseling office. Students can see items of their IPS that they get to do 9th-12th of each year! Some of it is completed in Xello during seminar.