TKO (Titan Kindness Opportunity) 


CUHS Kicks-off TKO 2020-2021 and Thanks Its Donors!

In the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years, well over 50% of CUHS students have received Titan Tickets! We are very proud of our students and their consistency in showing up, working hard, being kind, and not quitting.

CUHS is continuing the program this year. We just kicked off the program with a beginning of the year drawing with all the tickets that would have been in our end-of-the-year drawing last May. Sixty CUHS students’ names were drawn winning anything from a gift certificate for a slice of Casey’s pizza to disc golfs sets! We are grateful to all of our donors. Wes and Jan Houser donated a generous amount to the program, allowing us to purchase many prizes--archery targets, fishing poles, disc golf sets, golf balls, golf gloves, baseballs, softballs, etc.--to get our students outdoors, and many local businesses’ donations helped us get gift certificates for our students to use in our community. We are very thankful to be able to get the program going with some excitement and thrilled that students are already earning Titan Tickets for this school year!

The last two years, CUHS has had great support from the community. We are very grateful; thank you! This year, CUHS wants to make sure that the community knows about TKO, that we are continuing it, and how the community can get involved. There are three ways any community member or business can get involved with TKO to help our students develop and display great character.

  • One, help us recognize when our students demonstrate good character--either through persevering, being responsible, helping others, etc. If you “catch” a student doing something great, please let us know.
  • Two, let CUHS know when you have an opportunity where our students can help. If you have a need, whether it be cleaning, raking, volunteering, etc., please let us know.
  • Three, you can donate to help support TKO. Donations can be gift certificates, products, services, or monetary.

To get involved in any of the ways listed, please call or email Nicki Strickland or Megan Smith at 429-3821 or nstrickland@usd493.com or mesmith@usd493.com. CUHS is excited about TKO and our community’s involvement again this year!


Some of our winners from our kickoff: 




Titan Kindness Opportunity (TKO) is a character education program to promote positive behavior through education and reinforcement of positive behaviors. Positive behaviors that we are currently focusing on are using manners, showing respect, having and showing gratitude, being benevolent and paying it forward, having self-discipline/self-regulation, having empathy and compassion, having self-efficacy and believing in your own self worth, showing good citizenship/community involvement, persevering, being honest, having integrity, and being tolerant. When students "get caught" demonstrating good character, either from a staff or community member, he/she will receive a Titan ticket. Staff members can write their own tickets. Community members just need to contact Megan Smith or Nicki Strickland at CUHS to get a student a Titan ticket. Students can also nominate other students for Titan tickets by speaking to a counselor. After a student receives a ticket, they will get to choose between a snack, $1 off library fee, Titan Cafe drink, monthly drawing entry, or end-of-the-year drawing entry. 

Some Past Winners
OCTOBER 2019: Winners & Thank you!  


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