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Tech and Engineering Club

CUHS Technology and Engineering Instructor, Matt Ross, received a grant from the Columbus Community Foundation funded by the Columbus Telephone Company Technology Fund to purchase etching equipment for his department. Through the Titans Etching to Learn Project, USD 493 will purchase a free-standing laser platform system allowing students to learn laser etching and cutting technology and processes.

Trish Carroll, Columbus Telephone Company General Manager, stated, "The board of Directors of Columbus Telephone Company and the Columbus Community Foundation are proud to present USD 493 Technology and Engineering instructor, Matt Ross, with a check for Titans Etching to Learn program. This program will create new pathways to learning for students of USD 493. As a technology based company, we are pleased Mr. Ross is preparing students in technology fields to create a workforce of graduates who are prepared for he skills required by employers in the region and across the country."

Tech and Engineering Club

Pictured left to right:

Columbus Community Foundation Board of Directors: David Carriger, Trish Carroll, Susan Schultz, Sonja Duley, and Ralph White

CUHS Staff and Technology Students: Tony Shearburn, Matt Ross, Matt Bolin, Erick Hamilton, and Tyler Babbitt