Scholarship Information, Applications, & Deadlines

The hunt for scholarships can seem overwhelming; however, it really isn’t bad if you just take a few minutes and get started.

  1. The first thing you should do is create an account on Fastweb and browse the other online search scholarship search resources listed below.
  2. Look at what your school is offering for scholarships. Pay attention to deadlines. Common deadlines are October-November for D1 schools, February-March for D2, and April for JuCos. However, you need to check the school’s website to see exactly what it is for where you are considering attending. (LCC Scholarship Application is opening OCTOBER 1, 2019!)
  3. Plan to check this scholarship document weekly. It is organized primarily by date. National scholarships are listed first, then state and then local. However, within those areas, they are organized by date to help you with structuring deadlines.

I. Online Searches for Scholarships

***Try to use these. I spent 5-10 on moolahspot.com, and it gave me 25 different scholarships that my profile matched. If you haven't registered on fastweb.com, get registered. It gives you tons of information on scholarships. FREE MONEY!

II. Scholarships from Your School

A great place to find scholarships, and one that generally needs applied for early, is your college/tech school that you plan to attend. On the College/Postsecondary page of our counseling site, you can find links to several colleges and to their scholarships. Wherever you are applying, make sure you apply for the scholarships too. DO THIS SOON!!!

III. Scholarships

Scholarship Document

***This document is updated throughout the year. Right now, the links contained are updated for scholarships that are due between August and January.