CUHS Updates


CUHS wants to make sure parents, community members, and business partners are updated on the Apollo Redesign process. It is an exciting process, and staff are busy researching and discussing to come up with plans to best help our students.

CUHS spent the Fall semester gathering input from parents, community members, staff, and students. Then, staff took their plan time to analyze and evaluate all of that information. Through this process, staff narrowed to four major goal areas that incorporates all of the input that has been received: Improving Consistency and Accountability, Improving Communication and Parental Engagement, Incorporating Success Skills and Mental Health Supports, and Increasing Real-World Applications In and Out of the Classroom.

The Redesign process takes a lot of time and collaboration that was not built into the district calendar or CUHS schedule. In order to have the needed collaboration, Mr. Grundy, CUHS Principal went to the Board in January to request a late start Friday. The Board approved the request so that staff can meet from 7:45-8:30 on Friday mornings starting February 14th. This will allow staff time to research opportunities, discuss ideas, collaborate on possibilities, analyze data, and evaluate plans. Students will still have all of their classes and same instructional time. However, instead of having Independent Reading/Seminar four times a week, they will not have it on Fridays.

The Redesign timeline at CUHS has the following projected timeline. January, February, and March staff will be brainstorming, researching, and planning. It is a complex process that requires thought processing and sharing to come up with the best solutions for CUHS students. Then, staff will pilot ideas in March and April. Finally, in May staff will present a plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Throughout this process, many great ideas will be shared and discussed. CUHS will only proceed with the ones that benefit our kids.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicki Strickland (nstrickland@usd493.com), Dee Robinson (drobinson@usd493.com), or Dan Grundy (dgrundy@usd493.com), or you can call CUHS 620-429-3821 to visit with any of them. There is also an Apollo Redesign page on the CUHS website where information will be posted.


CUHS has been busy with the Apollo Redesign process throughout November and December, and we want to make sure that parents and all our community members are updated on the work that is happening with this exciting process! 

CUHS conducted the community, parent, staff, and student survey in October and met to analyze those results for strengths and weaknesses. After this, staff determined that we needed to create a student focus group to get input from students as well as disseminate information to students throughout the Redesign process. Each Independent Reading class, also known as seminar/advisory, selected a student to represent them. Those students then met with Mr. Grundy and some of the Teacher Redesign Team to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and items they would like to see changes or growth. It was a very productive meeting, and all of the students were mature and thoughtful in giving helpful input.

After the student focus group met, CUHS staff met in small groups to begin the goal formation process. A key component of the Apollo Redesign process is for CUHS to select goal areas to brainstorm ideas to improve. In these meetings, staff considered the strengths and weaknesses from the survey, input from the students, what it is to be a successful CUHS grad, and challenges our students are facing. Each small group came up with several possible goal areas from these discussions, and then they were combined into these ten areas.

  1. Consistency of Teacher Expectations
  2. Student Expectations & Accountability
  3. Communication with all CUHS supporters (in and out of the building)
  4. Mental Health
  5. Home Life/Parental Engagement
  6. Student Success Skills--Managing Emotions/Practicing Conflict Resolution
  7. Student Success Skills--Handling Stress/Learning Coping/Learning Self-regulation
  8. Real-life Applications outside the classroom/Community Partnerships
  9. Real-life Applications inside the classroom/relevant curriculum & instruction
  10. Exposure to a variety of Opportunities

CUHS staff will meet throughout December to brainstorm ideas and possible solutions to these goal areas. After that, staff will narrow goal areas, conduct research of ideas and training where needed, pilot possible ideas where applicable, and create an implementation plan for the 2020-2021 school year. CUHS parents', community members', and students' input will be considered throughout this process.


CUHS staff met on Thursday, October 31st to finalize its new vision and analyze results from their recent survey. One crucial, fundamental component of the Apollo Redesign process was creating a shared vision. 

CUHS staff conducted a survey as well as had multiple conversations with various stakeholders in order to develop the vision that would guide the school's decisions moving forward with the Redesign process. After gathering all this valuable information, CUHS is excited to announce the new vision: "CUHS: Adapting education to meet the needs of all students."

Aside from finalizing the vision, staff analyzed the survey responses in order to find some areas of strengths and weaknesses to utilize in the next phases of the Redesign process. One strength that was prevalent in the results is that the staff at CUHS is caring and great at building relationships with students. Another area of strength that was recurrent was the CTE pathways that CUHS has available. A couple of areas of weaknesses that the staff will consider moving forward are communication with all stakeholders and more education with student success skills/real-world applications.


CUHS is giving surveys to collect information to help in the Apollo Redesign process. The school wants to get an accurate picture for how all of its supporters view what the school is doing well and some possible areas of improvement. Students and staff will be taking the survey at CUHS the week of October 14th. Parents and community members will be able to access and take the survey in two different places. One, the survey will be posted on the CUHS website on the morning of Friday, October 18th for parents and community members. Two, they can take it at the home football game the night of the 18th. Those that take the survey at the game will be able to pick it up at the concession stand. When the completed survey is returned to the concession stand, he/she will receive a free popcorn! CUHS is hopeful to have a lot of participation in this survey to get good information to utilize in the Apollo Redesign process.