College/Postsecondary Information

I. Kansas Board of Regents Resource

The Kansas Board of Regents has a search tool to help identify which higher education institutions offer which degree programs. The Kansas Public Higher Education and Training Program Search is available to anyone with Internet access and enables exploration of more than 2,000 programs offered by the 32 public higher education institutions. The tool can be found on the Kansas Board of Regents website, www.kansasregents.org. Once you are on the website, select Academic Affairs and then Program Search. Another resource on this page that you may find helpful is under the Universities and Colleges tab. Then you may select Public Institutions to explore a list of public schools with links to their websites. 


All of our students have an online portfolios with career and personality assessment matches in Xello. We have slowly implemented the online portfolios over the last three years.  Every student should now have an updated portfolio that they regularly research and log post-secondary options and plans. This is a great resource not only for getting feedback on possible career matches, but also because it allows students to research those careers and schools that offer those programs. 



College Profiles is a website that features in-depth information about academic programs, athletics, campus life, facilities, expenses, financial aid and much more. From each profile, you can link directly to the home page of each institution. Custom searches allows you to select schools by location, cost and majors offered. The collegiate athletics search criterion includes specific men's and women's sports and levels of competition.

IV. College/University Information

Below is a list of colleges and universities with links to the home page as well as admission and scholarship application information. Make sure you explore the school's website and program of studies/degrees offered to see if it is the right place for you. This is designed to make the process more efficient for you. HOWEVER, websites may change, so it is up to you to make sure you have the most up to date and accurate information. If you are having trouble finding the information you need, you can always contact the admissions and/or scholarship offices of each school via phone or e-mail. You can also come visit us, and we will help you navigate the process. (Deadline dates are subject to change. Please go to the school's site to check dates.) 

A. University of Arkansas

Early Application Deadline for Priority Consideration: Nov. 1 for admission and Nov. 15 for scholarships

Final Scholarship Deadline: February 1

To apply for scholarships, you must check the box for interested in applying for scholarships on the application.

Important Dates

Freshman Admissions Application Information:

This link takes you to information about applying--courses that had to be taken in high school to be admitted, the application, the information that must be sent, and links to other important application information like dates and scholarships.

Office of Academic Scholarships:

This link takes you to the main scholarships page with information about different types of scholarships as well as a link to FAFSA information and important dates if needed. You need to select the High School Seniors/Freshmen tab on the left. This takes you to a page that offers a checklist for admission and scholarships. Most of you will be applying as a non-resident, so after reading through the checklist, you need to select to the Non-Resident New Freshmen Academic Scholarships tab on the left. On this page, you can see what all scholarships you are applying for and what the requirements are. This page also offers a link to the Honors College. When you select it, you learn about even more scholarships that are offered through the Honors College if you qualify (32 one ACT and 3.8 GPA.) You would also need to complete the Fellowship Application to apply to the Honors College.

B. Coffeyville Community College

Coffeyville Community College does NOT have an admissions deadline. However, it is recommended that you apply for admission as early as you can once you determine that CCC is a POSSIBLE option for you.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Application


C. Crowder College

Getting Started and Admissions



D. Emporia State University

Admissions Deadline: Emporia State does NOT have an admissions application deadline. But, if you are applying for scholarships, you will want to have your admissions application submitted prior to the scholarship deadline.

Scholarship Application Deadline: February 15 (for MOST scholarships)

Incoming Freshmen Admissions: This link takes you to the Incoming Freshmen Admissions page where there are links to application as well as application fee waiver and other helpful resources.

Emporia Scholarship Information Part One

More Scholarships

Honors College: This link takes you to an overview, and under the students tab, you will find links to the requirements, application, and scholarships for the Honors College.

E. Fort Hays State University

Admission Information



F. Fort Scott Community College

Admissions This page is a great resource. It has links to everything you need from requirements to applying to scholarships.



G. Franklin Technical Center

Programs offered This page has information and links to all of the programs offered at Franklin Tech.

H. Independence Community College

Admissions Information



I. Kansas State University

Early Admission and Scholarship Deadline - November 1

Regular Admission and Scholarship Deadline - February 1

FAFSA Priority Deadline - March 1

K-State Application Process: This link takes you to the application process that includes new freshmen admission requirements, application for admission and scholarships, and the steps to make sure the you are admitted.

Online Application: This link takes you to the online application, but make sure you review the entire process before completing the application.

Scholarships: This link takes you to the scholarships page. Here you can review the different scholarships available, select which ones to apply for, and begin the application process.

K. University of Kansas:

Application Deadline: November 1

Deadlines This will take you to the a list of all the deadlines for application and scholarships.

Requirements This links to a page for all the admission requirements.

Undergraduate Admissions This page has all the information hat undergraduates need to know conveniently linked.

How to Apply There is a link on this page to apply, but it also has a step-by-step how to apply process.


Scholarships Here you can compare scholarships, see which ones you meet the criteria, and begins he application process.


Hixson Opportunity Award for students who would otherwise not be able to attend KU. Deadline: Feb. 1

J.L. Cleland GLBT Non-discrimination Scholarship
Deadline:March 1

L. Labette Community College:

Admissions Page


Admissions Checklist

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships (Application will open October 1, 2019.)

M. Missouri Southern State University:

Freshmen Admissions Page

Application Once you are on this page, at the bottom you select application time and semester enrolling. Most of you should be choosing Freshmen under 21.

Scholarship Information You will need to select the different possible scholarship categories to see requirements and how to apply for each. The Honors Program page has a link to their specific scholarships too. Take the time to check them ll and apply for any that you meet the requirements.

Honors Program Information

N. NEO A&M College

Admissions This page discusses how to be admitted and has a link to the online application.

Scholarships This page includes a huge list of available scholarships. You have to check each one to see which ones you are eligible for and what you need to do. Deadline: MARCH 1st

O. Neosho County Community College

Admissions Checklist This page takes you step by step through the admission process. It also has the link to apply.


P. Ozark Christian College

Ozark Christian College Admissions


Q. Pittsburg State University

Admissions Deadline: February 1 (They recommend you apply earlier though.)

Admission RequirementsThis page lists the requirements for incoming freshmen.

Admissions Page This page has a lot of helpful information and links. Please note the deadlines at the bottom of the page.


Scholarships Home (Many are due by February. Make sure you apply early.)

Honors CollegeYou MUST apply by January 15th to be considered.

R. Wichita State University:

Priority deadline for admissions and some of the scholarships is December 1st.

Admissions This will take you to the main admissions page where you can look up different information pertaining to being admitted.

Admission Requirements This link takes you to the requirements for being admitted to WSU.

Apply If you select Apply for Admissions on this page, it will take you through the application for admittance.

Scholarships This page explains how applying for admission also makes you eligible for scholarships. You need to read this page and then you can select the scholarship button at the bottom to read about the different scholarships available. This allows you to know which ones you qualify for as well as what else you need to do to obtain the scholarship.

Distinguished Scholarship Invitational If you are eligible for this scholarship competition you will receive an invitation from WSU detailing additional requirements and deadlines. This deadline is much earlier. The on campus day is in November, and you would have to be present for that.