K.S.A. 72-8254 requires each school district to annually publish on its website a copy of Budget Form 150 Estimated Legal Maximum General Fund Budget and Budget At A Glance. Also attached is a copy of the Code 99. If you have questions regarding the Form 150, or other budget documents (located at the bottom of this page) for Columbus USD 493, please contact the Superintendent of Schools, at 620-429-3661.

Budget at a Glance

The Budget at a Glance provides a summary of expenditures and revenues in this year’s adopted budget with comparative data for the two previous years. It also includes information on enrollment, assessed valuations, mill rates and bond indebtedness.

Form 150

Form 150 is the calculation page for the estimated legal maximum general fund budget. It contains information on estimated enrollment and weighting calculations that determine the general fund budget.

Budget Documents